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Large hole-opening ceramic dome
    Large hole-opening ceramic dome is new-type supporting structure of packing of sulfuric acid drying tower and absorbing tower. Comparing with old-style structure, it has the advantages of uniform pore distribusion, high mechanical strength, high safety and stability, strong corrosion resistance, convenient operation and long service life. It has shown excellent effect in many sulfuric acid enterprises.
Main technical indexes:
Item Unit Value Standard
Volume density G/cm3 2.3-2.6 HG/T3210-1986
Water adsorption % <0.2 GB8488-87
Bending strength Mpa 60 GB8488-87
Compressive strength Mpa 200 HG/T3210-1986
Acute coldness/heat resistance 350-20C not crack after 3 times GB8488-87
Comprehensive porosity % 65  
Specification m 2.8, 3.4, 5, 7.5  
Acid resistance % 99.8 HG/T3210-1986
Alkali resistance % >87 GB/T4134.2-1984
Flexure error %   GB/T8488-2001

The product can be manufactured in accord with the technical indexes required by cilents.
The external surface is smooth, without cracks or flaws.