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Acid/heat resistant products
    Acid/heat resistant tiles, plates and tubes are special materials used in various reaction kettles, columns, tanks, and stiring pools, saturexes as well as high temperature/cold shock/strong acid resistant liners in non-ferrous metal smelting and chemical industries.
    Strictly tested by experts from Beijing General Design Institute of Non-ferrous Metallurgy, Gansu Chemical Research Institute, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Ministry of Nuclear Industry [PRC] and South China University of Technology, etc, each technical index of this product meets the international advanced level.
Main technical indexes:
Item Unit Value Standard
Volume density G/m3 2.21-2.24 HG/T3210-1986
Apparent porosity % 9.3-10.5 HG/T3210-1986
Water adsorption % 4.2-4.7 GB/T8488-2001
Cold/heat shock resistance 950-20C not crack after 10 times GB/T8488-2001
Elastic constant Mpa 2138 DIN
Compressive strength Mpa 100 JC424-91
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 1.175 DIN
Expansion coefficient of thermal film 1/C 3.210-2 DIN
Thermal expansion rate % 0.31 DIN
Acid resistance % 99.7 GB/T8488-2001

Acid/heat resistant tile, plate, tube was checked and accepted pursuant to QB/SNC00-9.
Acid/heat resistant tile, plate, tube can be manufactured in accord with the specification, size or blueprints offered by clients and design departments.