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Annular sinter machine
1) Annular Sinter Plant is most suitable for Blast Furnace with capacity of not more than 650m3.
2)The investment is low and construction period is short. Compared with linear sinter plant, it saves 30% in total weight of all equipment, 30% in civil work and 30% in land occupation. Therefore, it saves 30% in construction period and 30% in total investment.
3) Sealing effect is much better and air leakage is less because the wind boxes move synchronously with grates and water sealing is adopted.
4) Discharging system makes the size of cold sinter be qualified without additional crusher.
5) Arrangement of number of annular sinter machine is feasible. If required, 2, 3 or 4 nos. annular sinter machine, each operating independently, can be arranged in parallel in one plant. This will benefit especially when it is applied to 2 or more nos. mini Blast Furnace. In case one number mini Blast Furnace is shutdown, then the corresponding sinter machine can be shutdown without influencing the operation of other sinter machines and other Blast Furnaces.
Specification 16m2 20m2 24m2 28m2
Working sintering area(m2) 16 20 24 24
Standard output(t/d) 500-700 720-1008 1100-1200 1200-1400
Rotary speed(r/min) 0.013-0.13 0.013-0.13 0.011-0.11 reducer 0.0086-0.086
reducer 0.011-0.11
Roll speed of distributor(r/min) 1-10 1-10 1.248-12.48 10.33-10.33