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         SINOM GROUP is mainly engaged worldwide in developing and processing of metallurgical mineral resources, trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials and products, and related engineering technical service and equipment manufacture. It is a healthy & fast growing integrated international enterprise with clear-defined core businesses that integrates resources development, trading & logistics, EPC/EP/P projects and science & technology, equipment manufacturing and specialized service, providing comprehensive auxiliary service for steel, cement, glass, and petrochemical fields, power sector, green resource, electronic control system and other industrial fields.
        The products and raw materials the Group handles have been widely used in different areas of national economic construction and people's livelihood. SINOM has made remarkable contributions to the national economic development and modernization program. In recent years, has implemented a new development strategy to intensify operations in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, shaped and non-shaped refractories, finance, real estate and logistics. SINOM is committed to provide all the reputed customers with better solution and service at competitive cost by building up a long-term strategic partnership with all the reputed customers.
        Innovation leads green, cherishing limited resources, and developing boundless future are SINOM's theme, every staff of group is highly professional, well-educated, diligent and hard-working. SINOM believes in sincerity and upholds the principle of equality and mutual benefit. The Group always seeks win-win cooperation. SINOM welcomes friends from all over the world for our mutual benefits. SINOM will be your most excellent facilitator in China.